Sunday, February 10, 2008

i'm loving

While I'm happy to have crazy, out-of-control curly hair, never pick up an iron unless absolutely forced and can quite happily only make the bed moments before hopping in again at night, there are a few things I'm a wee bit anal about.
1. I always use a bookmark, even if it's a receipt. I just love my books too much to deface them with dog ears or broken spines.
2. I always fold my washing as I bring it in (saves me from ironing...)
3. I like the inside of my Le Crueset french oven to be as close to shop pristine as possible.

Now, number three might be possible if I were to slavishly follow in the well-shod footsteps of Andy Warhol and deign to only eat white foods - but let's face it, slow-cooked foods call for rich red seasonings. Tomatoes, red wine... and for long, slow, bubbly cooking. Sigh. 

So, before yesterday I'd always follow a labourious, time-intensive procedure after polishing off the Coq au Vin. Soak pot overnight in soapy water. Wash and remove any bits with a soft scourer and very hot, soapy water. Then, a second soak, with a dishwasher tablet - overnight, again. Finally, I'd scrub the inside with a paste created from bi-carb. 

Then I discovered a product that made my heart swell and sing a little dance of joy. Gumption. This citrus-smelling white paste is miraculous. After only my first soaking and scrubbing I wiped a little of this stuff on, and then polished it off to uncover the most gloriously pristine ivory interior.

I think I'm a little bit in love...

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