Wednesday, March 19, 2008

pet peeves

Generally I'm pretty happy, optimistic etc, but some things just topple me into the annoyed-abyss. They are, in no particular order:
* receiving an email that signs off with "sent from my blackberry..." Now, I know it's not pretentiousness on their part, but honestly, isn't there some way to turn that off? I'm ridiculous with how often I check my emails, but a blackberry is just obscene.
* loud, tinny music coming from someone's iPod. People, turn the damned thing down. Honestly, in a few years your eardrums will thank you for it, and everyone you're commuting with will sing your praises.
* Poor parking. If there's enough space for two cars, leave enough space for another. Thanks.
* Pimples and wrinkles - one at a time ladies!

and that's it for today thanks, gee, I mustn't be as pre-menstrual as I should be.

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  1. Well this isn't about pet peeves, but more so the things you adore. I must agree that there is nothing like curly-headed men or mary-janes. Thank you for leaving a comment for the pay it forward. If you could email me (girlferment[at]gmail[dot]com) that would be ace.


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