Thursday, August 21, 2008

beautifully bland

When it comes to gorgeous I like a bit of quirk. If I were ever to have a nose job, it'd be so they could form me up a romanesque number. 

It always entertains me how every now and again magazines, papers and plastic surgeons will trumpet their latest finding on "The Perfect Face" and you look at it and think, "Yeah, pretty" and quickly forget about it. 

With so much attention paid to plastic surgery these days I worry about what's going to be considered the norm: rockmelons cut in half and placed on a set of ribs? That's what bugs me about shows like Extreme Makeover. Ultimately these people have problems, but usually it's down to rock bottom self-esteem and poor fashion sense. And that's what I love, love, love about programs such as Look Better Naked. I want Gok Wan to be my best friend. The transformation that man can wrought in just a few weeks is utterly phenomenal. 

I recall one episode where the girl hated her legs - hated them. She always wore tights, always, she even had a 'special' pair for when, ahem, she and her husband were intimate. Of course, Gok convinced her to bare her pins - and they were a damn fine pair of legs. Not Giselle's legs, but a pretty pair nonetheless. At the end of these programs the women strut on out reveling in their unique beauty and glowing with confidence. Vive la difference... 


  1. I really had to grow into my looks. I'm not conventionally pretty but I am pretty in my own way. And frankly, I went through a few painfully awkwardly plain stages as I grew up. I would go under the knife for a few things cosmetic, but the only things I want altered on my face are my teeth (I want invisaligns) and I'd maybe have my nose straightened out merely because I have such severe sinus problems due to excess cartilage. Other than that I'm okie dokie.

  2. I've seen your pic and you're gorgeous - you grew into those looks very well indeed. But yep, those awkward stages come at hideous times.

    What are invisaligns - are they a form of braces?

  3. Invisaligns are a form of braces- yeah- they work a bit like a retainer I guess. I don't have terribly crooked teeth so I think they would work well- and they are less expensive as well.


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