Friday, August 22, 2008

better the devil

I was feeling a bit grumpy and put upon today - and the grey squally skies sure didn't help. You know those days where things go wrong and you feel as though it's someone sending a message (probably just one saying, "um, they're only little teeny tiny problems - get over it"...) Anyway I grumped on in the front door, decided to switch on the telly for a bit of mindlessness to cheer me up and saw The Devil Wears Prada playing. Well did it turn my frown upside down! 

Meryl - magnificent as always - will cheer me any day. And the montage of gorgeous outfits to Madonna's Vogue? Oh baby, you're playing my song. It also proved that while colour is divine, nothing is more chic than black.

Apart from making me strongly covet strings of Chanel beads (which, even if I DO win a million dollars I couldn't justify) it also gave me shivers of bliss at the first sight of the Eiffel Tower sparkling with thousands of lights. Paris always makes me smile.


  1. OOOooh I'm sensing I may need to rewatch Devil in Prada this weekend. When they have the montage of Paris Fashion Week- my jaw drops and drool pools in my lap- I love it so much. When we're millionaires we'll frequent fashion week together!


    Another pair of sexy little shoes~ yum!

  3. I also aspire to a strand of Chanel Pearls (or Mikimoto for that matter) but isn't Meryl just more divinely beautiful than you ever have seen her in your life? God my jaw dropped every time she walked on screen when I fist saw that movie. Sigh.


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