Thursday, August 21, 2008

brain drain

When your brain decides to skip off on a holiday, abandoning you to a period of utter confusion you know it's time to get organised. My brain is off, presumably sunning itself on a deck chair somewhere, which is kind of selfish as I'm finding it difficult to function without it. 

If I only had a brain I wouldn't: forget really, really important things. Nor would I flit from unimportant task to mindless faffing back to silly superficialities again. 

Come back brain, all is so forgiven. In the meantime, I'm clearing my desk and writing down a complete and utter plan of action. Brain or no brain things are going to happen around here.


  1. I'm in utter brain drain right now because I'm in potty training lockdown. We cannot leave the house because we're in the phase of panties and rubber pants, and Eva's being belligerent and throwing tantrum after tantrum but I'm not taking her places and having to change all that if she wets herself. Ugh. I want to scream.

  2. Oh no, good luck with it. And remember, there are no teenagers walking around it nappies. It does have an end in sight (although with a strong-willed daughter it may seem ever so far away)


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