Thursday, August 28, 2008

c'mon aussies

For some reason we've had Pamela Anderson in Australia twice this year. Twice. I reckon that's even more than Tara Reid. These days Pammy makes me want to cover up, and have a facial scrub - the years have not been kind to that girl. Now, I used to love Pammy. She was such a stereotype, and yet I used to believe that she had a strong sense of irony and played to it. Well, that irony seems to have gone the way of pants with Pammy these days. 

See, it's not that I'm a fan of acting your age. If Iggy Pop played a gig with his shirt on that would make me sad. And Debbie Harry? She'd break my heart of glass if she started dressing all nana. But still, there's sexy, and there's sad. Pammy? Sad. Sofia Loren? Sexy. Sharon Stone? Crazy, yet still kinda sexy (in that will bite your head off when she's had her way with you kind of way...) Demi Moore? Sexy. Helen Mirren? Meow! 

I don't want Pammy to be a girl on the loose - that's just scary. We need Henry Higgins to pop on over and teach that gal a few things. "Just you wait, Henry Higgins..."

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