Thursday, August 14, 2008

discovery channelled

Hot shoe of the week. Gorgeous femme Sara put me onto these, and boy, do I likee. So much so that shoe of the week is moving so far forward that's it almost beyond shoe of the day and into shoe of the moment. Peep toes, patent, buckles, a jaunty angle to that strap... meow.

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  1. Here's another drool factor shoe for you lady-,B000W3YMMM,B000HKPZQM,B000ZIBRI6,B00160BK3O,B000WS1XBU,B001797IDA,B000VXO5UC,B00134DBH6,B000UV56IA,B0013LXAT8,B00134N0MM,B0014BYK2I,B0010KX9AC,B0015MMMV2,B0014JC2U2,B00126U3SA,B0014SS1XU,B0015R2CD0,B0015MYM5Q,B0015EXAR0,B001A009LO,B000VYADIE,B000PIKP7K,B0012BZHTU,B0011MQWL2,B00187D3YY,B0010ZJACS,B0017YZ0EY,B0018AB3WU,B0013FGMJY,B0015ZQQWA,B000XQK77C,B00179ENY2,B0013CN7Q8,B000ZINA6I,B0012SI8Q2,B00188JU7W,B0016OLWWO,B0013O68EY

    They are super hot in the grey and red combo!


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