Wednesday, August 27, 2008

for slippery little suckers

I was thinly carving the roast beef the other night and was becoming increasingly bothered by the way my chopping board keep moving around while I was trying to slice. Annoying. Then I remembered a tip from Bill Granger. He said to place a folded tea towel beneath a mixing bowl to prevent it turning as you're whisking or blending - which is a damned fine idea that works perfectly well. And guess what? It adapts perfectly well to the chopping board too. Keeps it snugly in place so you've got a nice, stable surface while you're slicing.

Thanks Bill.


  1. This would be especially useful if your brain is off in lala land as mine was this afternoon when I was prepping dinner. I was dicing onions and watching Everyday Italian and nearly sliced the top of my thumb off because my cutting board suddenly slipped out from under me. Oy vey.

  2. Oh No! Well, that show is mighty distractable (not a word - but it should be!) I think you've got me in an italian frame of mind for dinner tonight. Veal Marsala perhaps...


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