Friday, August 08, 2008

lavender love

I adore lavender oil. Adore it. Today I've found yet another use for it- removing the sticky residue from sticky tape or stickers. 

I was cleaning off marks around the light switches today, when my brow furrowed at the sight of goopy, grey marks left on the back of the front door from an abundance of sticky tape. (long story: used to have a long, pokey out screw coming from the handle and my husband worried that child would impale her forehead on it when scootering down the hall - so he liberally coated it in sticky tape.) Since we've now re-installed the door handle with a shorter screw we've taken off the sticky tape, and the goopy marks have remained. But no more.

Today, I thought I'd try to use some lavender oil on a cotton ball to remove it - just like you do with eucalyptus oil - and it worked. I rubbed, and the marks vanished. Plus, now my front door is scented with lavender. Mmmm. It also worked on a sticker mark so old it was probably at my third birthday party. True.

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