Thursday, August 21, 2008

loafing around

Revisiting childhood favourites is one of my most adored cooking adventures. And when they're also appreciated by my child, well, all the better. I've made a few meatloafs lately and we've all gobbled them down. A slice of loaf topped with gravy, some mash and some greens is a homey kind of meal that we've all been digging.

Tonight I'm going to try a different slant - lamb, mint and pinenut meatloaf. Never made it before, and no, I don't have a recipe, but here's how I'm going to do it.
500g lamb mince
2 eggs
1/2 cup fresh grated breadcrumbs
4 strips of finely diced bacon 
a good 1/4 cup or so of fresh chopped mint
salt and pepper
dried mint leaves

I'll mix all the ingredients except the pinenuts together with my hands then toss them into a loaf tin, smooshing down well. Then I'm going to stud the top with the pinenuts, and maybe sprinkle dried mint leaves over the top as well, I love their peppery bite. I'll bake it for around an hour at 160 degrees, and if the top starts browning so much it resembles George Hamilton, I'll cover it with foil.

I'm going to serve it with finely sliced rounds of potato, tossed in olive oil, lemon and salt, before baking on a tray till they're crispy. Then I'll put a salad of diced tomato, cucumber and shallots on the side. Sounds yum doesn't it?

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