Saturday, August 09, 2008

oh mamma

We had a girly day today and Annabella and I went off to see Mamma Mia. As a major Abba fan, who's bred another one, it was sheer delight. I'm now pining for a trip to the greek isles and need to decorate, something, anything, in blue. Meryl Streep is also my new role model - she's just gorgeous - all the gals were.

One thing I didn't understand. Reviews mentioned the godawfulness of Pierce Brosnan's voice, but, well, he wasn't bad. He wasn't great, but I loved the fact he sang. 

Oh, and Colin Firth in the wet white shirt? Gotta love referencing of the gorgeous kind. 

I love a film that lifts the spirits and this one sure did that for me. Such a nice way to spend a birthday weekend.

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