Monday, August 25, 2008

party time, excellent

A good party is a rare and wonderful thing. It's a delicate balance, where so many aspects have to be in harmony, and if they're not, it's all a bit meh.

Well, I went to a fabulous party on the weekend. For a start, it was for a pretty spesh bloke who's managed to accumulate a number of diverse and interesting friends (which ticks the first box of party must-haves). Just like a dinner party should have an eclectic bunch of people gathered, so should a party. Too much similarity can lead to boredom, and a boring party. I met some amazing new people, caught up with old friends, and learned to love some people I'd admired on fleeting acquaintance. 

Secondly, the location was perfection. The right size space, decent moody, yet not-too-dim lighting, and sections where people could sit, stand or feel inspired mingle. That's why a party in a large, open space doesn't work. A party is like a garden, you shouldn't be able to see everything at first glance. You need to be led around, with surprises and delights around corners. 

Decent alcohol is, of course, a must, and finally - really good music. Music makes the party. Music needs to enhance your mood, move things forward and every now and again cause you to squeal excitedly "Oooh, I love this song!" and to do a little dance on the spot. When you have a party that people will continue to talk about for at least as long as you've been on the earth, you know you've had a hit.


  1. Your presence makes all the difference Linda! Huge thanks to you and Matt for making the trip and helping me celebrate. Hugs and kisses all round.

  2. And don't forget Pie Face. While you young kittens were off dazzling the teenagers the Whippet Set were hold up at Pie Face. Smiles all round, then stuff one in your mouth. Hmmmm, Pie Face! Even Lady Conners-Bell stayed up past her bedtime to indulge in Pie Face, savoury and sweet.

    Was very impressed you all made it to breakfast though. Going from Pie Face to Freckle Face in less than 12 hours was not easy. Next time we'll all stay at Vibe in Milson's Point and we need only cross the tracks to get freckled.


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