Sunday, August 17, 2008

sartorially speaking

Dressing for an event is quite a treat. Sometimes I'm pretty sure I enjoy the preparation more than the actual do. Before any big event I'll start planning a few weeks out and I'll either start with the top, or the bottom. Starting at the bottom means shoes - of course, while at the top it means eyeshadow. For example, I have a friend's 40th do coming up in a week and I've planned the frock (deep amethyst), hair (out and adorned with big, red flowers), lips (rouge) eyes (cats eye and a bit of gold glittery shadow - subtle, yet festive) and shoes (strappy red). But tomorrow night, I have a do, and no idea what to do...

See, I'm seeing David Sedaris. Yes, David Sedaris. I know, David Sedaris!! Now, I adore this man, I've laughed so much at his words I was worried I'd spit my teeth across the room (and no, I don't have falsies, they're firmly implanted in my gums). He demands respect. And let's face it, even if he weren't the oh-so-amusing David Sedaris, he'd still be Amy Sedaris's brother - and that's something worth frocking up for.

To top it off, his reading's been moved from some grungy Surry Hills club to The Sydney Opera House - and that place politely requests furs and jewels and a certain amount of polish. Shall I go with the Fleur Wood 50s style black chiffon skirt with the pale pink silk underlay, Wheels and Doll Baby ballet neckline top, fishnets and my black patent, t-bar platform stiletto (I know, long description, but they're worth it) with long black and pale pink beads? And perhaps a black flower in my hair (I know what you're thinking, black flower in black curly hair... the point? But it's a cute surprise when you get up close). Plus, because it's cold, I can bring out my black fur - can't I (most of it's fake, only the collar's real so Peta advocates shan't be throwing paint at me - surely). Thoughts?

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