Sunday, August 31, 2008

simple suppers

I realised tonight that I don't do those simple Sunday night meals. You know, the cheese on toast, weet-bix or scrambled eggs and toast fingers. No, apparently I don't really like to give myself a night off. Tonight was as simple as it comes with Nigella's carbonara. Have you tried it yet? Go on. 

You cook up some pasta, fry up some bacon and garlic in a little oil till it's golden. Then tonight, because it was sticking, I tossed in a splash of white wine to deglaze the pan (while the bacon and garlic was still in it - yum). Drain the pasta, toss it in the pan with the bacon, then take off the heat and add two beaten eggs and quickly combine. Add pepper, a splash more white wine and some parmesan and there's dinner. Adding some mushroom and diced green spring onions would add some colour and texture - but also take away a little of the simplicity, and apparently that's what Sundays are all about.

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