Monday, August 25, 2008

simply speaking

Friends asked on the weekend what my daughter thought when I told her we were no longer vegetarian... here's an example. I asked my eight-year-old what she wanted for dinner tonight and her answer was "beef". Of course, I needed her to elaborate and her response? Beef Bourginon... obviously the result of a francophile mother who also loves a bit of red meat. 

Now, it's 4.15pm so a wee bit late to be starting beef in burgundy, so I'll be roasting up a slab of beef, serving it with cubes of potatoes oven roasted with a little duck fat, some corn on the cob and green beans. Um, yes, roll on the lighter meals of spring!

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  1. I have a ton of left over marinated steak from the other nite so I sliced it up, rewarmed it with a quick saute, tossed it on some sourdough rolls with some some dijon, some swiss cheese, and some arugula and called it a day. It was yummy with a tomato and cucumber salad! Of, and the new RArgentinian Rioja my friend Shan gifted me. Slurps!


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