Saturday, August 16, 2008

so not Pammy

Because I got some money for my birthday I thought I might splash out on a red one piece swimsuit for summer. However, when I told my hubby he said, "Oh, that's a bit Baywatch" and now I'm flummoxed. Surely a classy red one piece, on me, a brunette who's all natural (well, except for my hair colour...) wouldn't instantly connote Pammy. Would it?

Also, hello, that boat. So reminds me of the fabulous taxis on the Grand Canal in Venice...


  1. Honey darling- if your physique is up to the challenge- and if you keep it modest and chic- a red one piece is tres chic. I mean, think lying pool side on a huge white towel in your red swimsuit, with a large brimmed black hat, large chanel sunglasses, and either a dainty gold necklace or one or two dainty gold bangles- hellllllo Jackie O meets Talitha Getty or Jane Birkin. Besides, tell hubby he'd be gla to see you vamp it up just a little every once in a while. I have a poppy red two piece thats still modestly cut, and I wear it with my huge brimmed sunhat, huge shades, and an amazing white cover up that I got in Mexico- and I look classy and modest AND my hubby's jaw drops. So there. Muah!

  2. Oh bless you! And I do agree - it's all in the accessories... And I'll be choosing a more va va voom fifties style (with halterneck straps to save any 'diving incidents')

  3. I', having a really hard time remembering the movie but theres one with Elizabeth Taylor lying ocean side in the sexiest, vampy white one piece, and it was just breath taking- how classy she looked.

    Tonite I am decidedly unvampy- noshing oreos and milk while watching an old dvd of Eddie Izzard- loves me some humor that involves James Bond, drag queens, and Noah's ark! Muah!


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