Saturday, August 09, 2008

so vanilla

I'm very traditional in my dessert tastes. If there's a creme brulee I'll be cracking the top and diving in. But, I like my brulee vanilla... or so I thought. Last night we went to the gorgeous Bistro Tartine for my birthday dinner. I had the most exquisite pork belly, Matt had the duck confit and Annabella had, from the child's menu, roast pork, sauteed potatoes and veg (um, hello, it was pork belly, potatoes probably cooked in duck fat and lemon green bean - for only $9 - perfect for mini gourmet tastebuds!). For afters I couldn't go past the brulee - although I did hesitate because it was chocolate.
A dusting of bitter chocolate coated the most perfectly crisp caramelised top that cracked satisfyingly when whacked with a spoon. Diving in was a heavenly, chocolate creme - oh. It was bitter, yet sweet, rich, yet not cloying. Chef, take a bow. 

Annabella and I shared, but if she wasn't my child, I would have hogged every single morsel. 

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