Sunday, August 31, 2008

straight up

Have you noticed that a makeover, virtually any makeover, involves straightening hair? Think back to any makeover you've ever seen and you can guarantee that any unruly kink was GHDd out of existence in the pursuit of perfection. My daughter and her friend are watching The Princess Diaries and guess what? Apparently being princess-worthy requires straight locks. Who knew? Is that why Fergie was never completely accepted into the royal family or the public bosom? Does unruly hair indicate a similarly unruly nature? 

You've got to love a makeover where they take a woman who's too busy to fuss with her appearance, make her over, and give her a hairstyle that requires serious attention with a blowdryer or straightening iron. Honestly, it takes nearly all my energy to wash, condition, comb and apply curl creme to my my hair. 

Of course, I'm biased, having a head of curls. But why is it, that despite fashion mags trumpeting the fashion appeal of curls and waves, a makeover isn't complete unless hair is tamed into submission?

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  1. I have curls. I did the straight thing for a long while when I was younger but then I just kind of said, after watching Halle Berry be delicious in a James Bond flick, I need a pixie cut. And it's perfect for my head of curls. I wash, condition, towel it, apply shine and control creme and musss it up and I'm good to go. I can bleach it white blond and in three weeks I can be back to my natural hair color again, then I can go red, purple, pink, whatever my heart desires- with little to no damage to my hair because well, I don't have an entire lions mane to contend with. I have grown my hair out a few times since having the pixie cut but I always revert back to it. I adore a long head of luscious curls but I also adore the minimalism of my self-imposed makeover do.


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