Friday, August 22, 2008

a study in contrast

Is there really such a thing as clashing colours? Personally a combination of two raunchy hues will always make me smile. Pink and orange, pink and red, pink and yellow... that's what summer's all about. Or for the cooler months there's purple and red, purple and electric blue or purple and mint green. Polka dots and florals also pass muster. What are you favourite combos?


  1. Those shoes are jaw droppingly amazing. I mean, I am totally green with envy and desire and desperately want them! Alas, practical shoes win for now, but not for ever! Ooooh I gotta find a new shoe for next week- did you see my last pair? Amazing- I posted them Monday or Tuesday of this week.

  2. These ones are totally for you - they're Anne Klein. And no, I couldn't find your shoes from earlier this week, but I'll have to try again. Aaaah shoes, don't they just add that little something?

  3. Well I went ahead and hyperlinked all the shoes on my shoe blogs from the past two weeks- so just click the links and it should work hopefully. Off to bed with visions of Pucci strappy heels dancing in my head!


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