Thursday, August 28, 2008

that's better

Because I wrote mean things about Pammy this morning, I was cursed. My skin looked and felt like crap - merely because I suggested she could use a good scrub. So I used something that made me look and feel a lot better. This!

I do so adore Dermalogica's Daily Microfolient. It doesn't feel like it's working, and yet it does - magnificently. So I cleansed, microfoliented, moisturised, then applied the daily face brightener and feel far more ready to face the world. My skin feels so much softer and smoother, and looks like I've dived face-first into a vat of Touché Eclat. I'm in love and plan on making this my daily routine. As penance. For being mean. To Pammy (but, really, don't you think she could do with some of this stuff?)

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  1. I use Clinique's 7 Day Scrub rinse of cream- its amazing. Some exfoliating treatments that you are supposedly able to use everyday do absolutely nothing- they just want you to use it everyday to waste it faster so you spend more getting more every week. Anyways, the 7 day scrub is grainy enough that it actually works but mild enough that you don't look like a perpetual victim of glycolic peel road burn. I'm sure when I've got more financial fun money I'll branch out into other scrubs but for $13 every other month right now- I'm a happy camper.


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