Thursday, August 28, 2008

this week in shoe business

Pretty non? I must say, I'm not finding this shoe of the week thing as easy as I'd hoped - there are some mighty ooogly shoes out there this season. I like a classic shoe, one that doesn't scream Spring 2008, but makes you sigh just as if you've snuggled into a freshly made bed. That's what's doing it for me with these Jimmy Choos (although, I always have James Earl Jones, doing Sex and the City, on Will & Grace squealing "JIMEEH CHEW" - which can't be what Ms Mellon is after...) This red is the perfect shade - much like my nails today in Chanel Pirate. Can you ever have too many pairs of red shoes?


  1. Those are very very nice. I need to spend some time finding a shoe for this week too- I've had a lot of misses when I've been shoe hunting lately too- I'm sick t death of the whole gladiator trend- how does that translate for Fall- especially here in South Dakota of all places- what am I supposed to go walk through a cow pasture in those? Crikees. Is it wrong tat I've been in love with mocassins for literally two decades now, Linda? I love me a heel but man I wear mocassins nearly every single day.

  2. I'm hearing you on the gladiator thing too. I'm just imagining the tan lines from half an hour in the aussie sun - and who'd think to apply sunscreen to their feet and legs? And I too am a woman of contradictions. I adore heels, have many of them in boxes piled high, however, even in winter, I'm a Havaianas lover. Got a pair in nearly every hue (with contrasting toenails - natch!) I love them, they love me - and if I can just find another red pair with white polka dots my life will be complete. It's all about translating for the location, you're a mocassin gal at heart and that's something to sing out loud.


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