Sunday, August 10, 2008

vive la difference

I think you always want what you don't have which is why I think redheads are divine. Look at this bunch of beauty from

Little girls with strawberry blonde curls make my heart sing. It's the same with the grown ups too - boys and girls. If I had a lush head of titian I'd forever wear emerald green, brilliant blue, pink, and of course, red. And walk around with a parasol in the harsh Aussie sun!


  1. Hey there pnik patent leather mary Jane lover. I stumbled upon your blog after reading Sarah's POP roundup (I got my stuff submitted late so it should be up on her list next week- my happiness list blog). Anyways, consider yourself bookmarked, lady.

    And btw, I am a strawberry blonde- but verging more towards the pale, pale strawberry highlights now that I am well into adulthood- thank the lord for clever hairstylists who can maintain a sense of my former titian hair.

    Love your blog, lady. BTW- I was internet "window shopping today" and stumbled upon these- I submit them for your consideration- hope you like!|1598=Women's%20Shoes&category|1598=Women's%20Shoes&browse=1&rpt=Department.aspx&pt=ProductListing.aspx

    My blog is at and email is

    Bon jour!

  2. Just checked out your blog and, um, snap with that list. I too purr when I climb into a freshly made bed. Seriously, if I could wash and make it every day I would. I also love it when I pop rose or lavender oil in the rinse water. Sigh.

    It's always a thrill to meet fellow kindered souls online.

    Lovely to meet you - and look forward to more catch-ups in blogland. A bientot.


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