Saturday, August 30, 2008

what's your superpower?

One of my favourite bloggers, Molly from Les Cadeaux, suggested that each of us has a superpower. Hers is the uncanny ability to match up friends, mine is to tell the time, pretty much accurately to within a few minutes - without a watch. 

I like this idea. See, we're always trying to match ourselves up to an ideal that none of us can attain when realistically we should be championing these quirks within ourselves. 

Today my power's quite week as I'm hungover. Not in a good way. This is not the hungover that results from quaffing too much champagne - or even cheap wine. Nope, it's a migraine hangover - hence my lack of posts these last few days. I'm pale, insipid, and my brain is refusing to function in a manner that appeals to all I need to do. So I'll take it easy and hope that tomorrow my body and brain have resumed functionality.


  1. Lightning fast wit would be my super power. Tee hee hee. No, let me think . . . wait let me ask my husband.

    He says that I have the power to issue a command of just about anyone and they will obey me, without hesitation, or at least with very little hesitation.

    I say that's actually a pretty fabu power I say. Did you ever watch Heroes? A character named Eden who was killed off toward the end of Season One had a similar superpower to that, but of course it was more akin to mind control.

    Kudos to the hubby for that being a fairly decent, though strange, complement.

  2. That's a good one. I don't know if I'd dare ask my hubby mine...


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