Thursday, August 28, 2008

yay us

Ordinarily I despair of remakes. The original is normally the best. When Australia made a version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy my worst fears were realised. And by the looks of things, the US version of Kath and Kim is sorely lacking any humour. But, we Aussies do deserve snaps for a few programs. I do adore the Aussie version of Project Runway. The competition was stiff - how could Henry hold up to Tim Gunn - or Kristy to Heidi? But they do - they completely and utterly hold their own. I could just squish Henry he's so divine. His observations are eerily accurate and delicately phrased, helping some of the designers continue to progress even when the constraints of the program have almost made them lose their way. Genius. Plus, we've uncovered some gems of designers - talent is seeping out of pores, despite some of the hideous challenges they've had to uphold. 

When it comes to favourites, I've long tossed up between Leigh and Petrova. They're both fabulous, have their own style and Petrova has the most covetous hair I've ever seen. This week's episode saw Petrova sneak out in front for managing to follow a brief, give the client what they want, and yet still create an outfit that's got her personality and unique genius stamped all over it. I hope that when the outfit goes on sale it positively sprints out of Myer stores. 

It's a tough call who'll come out in front as each designer remaining could easily shoot to the top of the Australian fashion industry - and I'll be applauding them all the way - and Leigh, if you're selling, I'm buying.

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