Wednesday, August 20, 2008

you were saying?

Now, I recall a few years ago, Baz Luhrman saying that botox was so not a good idea for actresses. And, if my memory serves, I am pretty sure he intimated that he'd quite prefer to use actresses whose faces did move in his films.

Well, I'm sure looking forward to his new film Australia where Nicole Kidman is presumably playing a porcelain doll who sits on a shelf, only to be taken down from time-to-time by Hugh Jackman's sensitive, doll-loving character. 

Or maybe, just as Keira Knightly acts with her jaw, Nicole can express a variety of emotions with her oh-so-emotive pupils.

Because really, does this face look like it moves?


  1. Did you see her cover for Vogue where she didnt even look prego (and was supposedly five months along)and her face was just totally frozen in this bizarre smirk that just screeched botox overload. She used to be so beautiful and emotive and now she just looks like a shell of a ghost that was never even human.

  2. I know, I used to think she was utterly beautiful then she ditched the gorgeous red hair (and you know how I feel about that!) and injected botox into every available surface. It's enough to keep me away from the needle.

  3. I think she looks like an alien now personally. Se was so beautiful in Cold Mountain and even in Bewitched despite being in a dumb movie with Will Ferrell. Sigh. She looks like she's probably frigid and creepy in real life too.

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