Saturday, September 27, 2008

easy entertaining

Having friends over for a meal is one of my greatest joys. I love thinking of the menu, cooking it up, then relaxing with a glass over wine over giggles and good food. In winter, it's easy - slow cooking's the way to go. But in summer, lighter meals are called for. So I'm thrilled about my latest find. It's Cleavers Organic Lamb and my new love is the Butterflied leg marinated in lemon and oregano. Yummo. We had it for dinner the other night and it was delish. 

When friends come around I'm going to cook it on the bbq then lightly slice it on the diagonal after it's rested. I'll serve it with a platter of salad and some crusty bread - with a bottle of rosé. For the kids I'll make mini burgers on teeny buns with little rissoles, lambs lettuce, tomato sauce and cheese. Perfect.

For nibbles to be served with champagne, I'll saute some slices of chorizo, roast and spice some chickpeas and marinate some olives. Because the children of my friends have exotic tastes, the kids also get olives and chorizo, plus some brie and crackers...

For sweets, I've got a hankering for summer pudding made with strawberries, brioche and served with vanilla-spiced mascapone. I might even top it with a little lemon zest (but don't tell my hubby, he thinks I'm a little obsessed with lemon at the moment...)


  1. Ooooh summer pudding! I make mine with white bread and I put a big dash of cassis in with the berries!
    Use that cassis in a glass of champers and you get a Kir Royale. Or in dry white wine and then its a Kir!
    Your lamb sounds delish!

  2. Why thank you. I needed an excuse to buy cassis and you've just given me one. I haven't had a Kir Royale since I was in the South of France two years ago - surely my first sip will magically transport me back there again...

    Hey, what's your blog? I'd love to check it out.
    Linda x

  3. I LOVE KIR ROYALES. They are an ultimate girls drink.

  4. Oh and I also love lamb. Give me an entire leg to myself, I'd probably just dive in face first with grease dripping off my chin and smeared lipstick afterwards looking around and wondering why everyone was so aghast at my behavior! LOL.

  5. A lovely recipe. Now to be a boy, more photos of the pool please. I hear William the Concreter has been round...

    (He came, he saw, he concreted.)

  6. Linda - I do not have a blog. Did you get my email? I sent one off to you but I am not sure it got to you! Darn computers!!


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