Monday, September 08, 2008

expansion joints

Why is it that everything expands to take up any extra space you allow it? For example, if I set aside three hours to clean the house, it takes three hours - but, should I dedicate five hours I'll still be beavering away four hours and fifty nine minutes into the task? It's the same with any pay rise. Even there'll be no discernible jump in my style of living (I don't go from using truffle oil to fresh truffles, or from Chandon to Moet et Chandon...) I'll still have zero dollars left at the end of the pay period. 

The same applies to clothes. My wardrobe was overflowing, thanks to all my recent op-shopping success and I could not squish another thing in there. So, while we're waiting for built-ins, or some other suitably ginormous wardrobe for our bedroom, I swapped my pretty Art Noveau wardrobe space in our bedroom, with my husband who was using the twice-as-big built-in wardrobe in the study. Now, I thought I would be giving my clothes room to move and groove, but nooooooooo. Sure, they're not as squooshed as they were in the previous space, but it's still pretty squooshy in there. Perhaps I need to cull? Nah, I think I'll just have to speed up the arrival of the new, and suitably huge wardrobe in the bedroom.

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  1. Amen. I am waiting for the day that my paycheck isn't gobbled up the minute it gets deposited into my bank account. It doesnt really seem to matter whether we make more money or not- it still all gets spent just as fast, making me panicky about our lack of savings right now. I am forever cleaning out closets, drawers, storage boxes and spaces, etc, and throwing away, continually trying to pare down but to no avail- each time I do it I find just as much crap to get rid of or sell or whatever. I wonder if my stuff is reproducing?


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