Monday, September 15, 2008

girl talk

What's more fun than a girly get-together? Summer frocks, champagne, giggles and nibbles are the perfect ingredients for a successful night out. We're christening the gorgeous Nicola's new pad and I can't wait to peek inside. 

Hopefully this unseasonably warm weather will continue and we'll be sipping bubbles in the courtyard until way after sunset. The moon's pretty full too, so it'll cast a flattering glow over all our faces - and who doesn't love that?


  1. I am really hoping that this weekend I get to have a girls night with my girlfriends- sushi, sake martinis, maybe a movie, maybe get our nails done- your talk of champagne makes me want a Kir Royale!

  2. Girls night are essential for sanity - particularly for you at the moment. I prescribe you one girly night - with a double dose of martini!


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