Sunday, September 14, 2008

green fairyland

It's rare for me to meet a cocktail I don't like. That said, I can always pass up on a sweet cocktail (although maybe for dessert...) I like a lip-puckering cocktail, preferably one with lime, cranberry or lemon as the base. A margarita isn't complete without a rim of salt that I can slowly work my way around - and if anyone would like to argue that that's not the classic manner, well, fine, I'll move onto a Mojito. That said, should a cocktail contain Absinthe my hand will be shooting up in a "Yes Please!" It's the romance, the brooding gothic qualities and the hint of danger that appeal to me. So, when I was reading Kate Spade's Occasions last night I couldn't contain my squeal of joy when I read of this cocktail - a deadly combo of my two favourite obsessions...

Ernest Hemingway's Death-In-The-Afternoon Cocktail
Invite a friend over.
Pour one jigger of absinthe into each champagne glass.
Fill with champagne.
Drink 3, 4, or 5 of these very slowly while discussing fly-fishing (or the 1920s art scene in Paris, which is my preferred option - surely by number 5 Toulouse Latrec will have joined you...)


  1. I would like to try absinthe someday. It's on my list. I don't like fruity girl cocktails- I like the real deal. Had another vodka gimlet yesterday- slurp.

  2. Oh doll you must! And I think this recipe is the perfect way to do so. Now you're making me think a gimlet's calling my name...


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