Monday, September 29, 2008

i lied

Hey, you know how the other day I said that cocktails were for delicate sipping and not guzzling? My Margarita hangover on Sunday would really like to beg to differ...


  1. Oooh, you guzzelled!

    *not sure about that spelling???LOL

  2. I did! I also replied to you yesterday, but apparently my blog didn't like my comment! I thought your spelling seemed like a more ladylike version of guzzling - if one can be ladylike when doing so!

  3. Linda - my computer is crazy!! It is old but it still works so... but it can be so SLOW and I had such a difficult time sending you a email.
    Love them when they work - HATE them when they don't .

    Hey - put that drink down!

  4. Soooo instead of lady like "sip sip sip" being heard, one could hear "glug glug glug"? LOL. I imagine it was well deserved dearest.


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