Wednesday, September 03, 2008

je ne regrette rien

Driving home tonight my glance was accosted by a sign outside a church. Now, I'll always stop to read these. Regardless of the denomination, I'll always find something to muse over. But tonight's, well, I didn't muse - I fumed. It read "Learn from other people's mistakes, life's too short to make your own". Balderdash. Who is so perfect that they never make mistakes? Also, someone else's mistake might be another's surprise joy. 

I've made bucketloads of mistakes, and I'll continue to make more. If you don't make a mistake it's because you haven't taken a risk. I want to look back on my life and not regret anything, not one thing. While there are some things that I'd prefer not to have done, guys I'd have preferred not to date, words that should have remained unsaid... I've learned from all of them.

If I didn't date a string of unsuitable dudes I wouldn't have recognised the quiet beauty of my husband - a man who compliments me and makes me glad to wake every morning. If I didn't make mistakes in my work I wouldn't try so hard to improve on what I'd done. If I hadn't had fall outs with friends it wouldn't make me appreciate those I do have.

Mistakes aren't to be feared - they're to be embraced, accepted and acted upon.


  1. There's this crazy Evangelical church down the street from where I live- it's basically one of those churches that someone started in their basement- they kiss snakes and speak in tongues and forbid dancing, all that jazz. Anyways, they always have the funniest signs that are totally creepy and cryptic and ridiculous all at once, "Today is a good day if you die having not told a lie to Jesus." Kid you not, that was one of the signs last week. "To desire anything is to make mockery of what God has already given you." Um ok, I understand being grateful, but does this infer that I can never want more for my life, never want to achieve? "Walking the path of Jesus is the greatest gift you can ever give your mother." Sigh. It's enough to make me want to go suck my neighbors face, call my mother a bitch, embezzle from Donald Trump, and dance naked in the street. I'm sure guilt tripping people on a regular basis does a lot for a person's self esteem. I may be Jewish, so you know- we're definitely good at all that Biblical guilt (sorry God, we're still looking for the Promised Land) but come on. How does one lead a more God like life- bearing guilt and becoming stagnated everyday, or growing and learning from a constant pursuit to be a good person?

  2. Wow, we don't really seem to do the evangelical churches here in Aus. We do seem to have those Hillsong-style churches that launch a thousand Australian Idol careers though.

    I'm with you on the guilt thing though... why?


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