Sunday, September 14, 2008

le sigh

Paris is filled with these beauties, and every single one made my heart sing. My gorgeous girl couldn't resist a twirl either. 

This here's one that still makes my heart skip a beat. It's a two storey carousel at the foot of the dazzling white church that kisses the sky at the top of Paris.

Carousels in Australia have always let me down. For a start, the horsies never go up and down... probably due to fear of litigation should a child fall from grace.

However, in Paris, the subtle, muted beauties eternally enchant children, and the young at heart.

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  1. I miss Paris so much. Btw lady, aside from my myspace blog- I have a new blog that my coworker Jim and i have created.

    Check it out and dream of Paris!


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