Thursday, September 25, 2008

modern manners

It's true that manners are social lubrication. I love me a well mannered lad or lass. Not faux well-mannered in the "How do you do?" way, but a way that shows me that people care. I get cranky when I see ill-manners. I cannot abide those who stand chatting on their mobiles while they're getting served in a store - if it's so important step outside! I do believe that everyone should have to work in a store or a cafe at some stage - I did, and having walked in those shoes I have the ultimate respect for these people. I'll also be encouraging our daughter to work in a cafe or shop as soon as she's old enough - which will serve a double purpose - gaining independence and an income and learning a little about human nature.


  1. I cannot stand the mobile phone thing either but what I notice ALOT is people butting in while you are being served in shops! Rrrr.
    You might be up to the money/change stage and bingo, there is this witch butting in asking the girl "where is this or that ??" etc.
    I mean, wait your turn bitch! LOL

  2. I collect books on manners. I have the Kate Spade, the Emily Post, and the new Miss Manners books. With that being said, I despise bad manners but moreso I despise bad manners that are rooted in rude behavior and mannerisms. Sometimes, a faux pas is forgiveable because someone is naive or doesn't realize the "rules" but most of the time its just rooted in selfish ignorance and rudeness. I hate it when people text, call, check their PDA, all that when at dinner o in a quiet business establishment. I've hatedd this for nearly 8 years now. When I first went to college, my first "serious" boyfriend took me to a REALLY expensive restaurant for dinner, and the lady at the table next to us answered her cell phone- TALK ABOUT RUINED AMBIANCE- she sat there yelling into it, moving around the restaurant because she had bad reception- I could write an entire skit about how awful and rude she was. UGH.

  3. I'm with you girls - it's when people believe they're more important than you that rudeness is at its peak.

  4. I retold the story of the mobile phone fiasco on my date story to my friend Shannon and she just looked aghast.

  5. I do have a mobile, but I loathe how many people use them. On my early morning train (6am) people sit down and CALL their friends and start chatting. Seriously, who's lucid at 6am?

    I'm sure the waiters at that restaurant 'seasoned' that woman's meal with a little something special that night though!


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