Tuesday, September 02, 2008

photo finish

For most of my life I loathed having my photo taken. When I was a wee twig of a teenager I couldn't bear having my pic snapped 'cause I thought I looked "fat". Oh, how I wish I could travel back in time and have a word to that girl...

Two years ago I was at a work function when one of the columnists for our publication said to the Beauty Editor, "How come all your photos look beautiful and I'm lucky to get one decent shot of myself?" and she replied, "Because I like having my photo taken." Now this was a revelation. How could anyone possibly like having their photo taken? But I must say that I've been trying it out and it seems to work. 

See, the thing is, when you're frantically posing, trying not to have a double chin, pokey out tummy or wonky eyes chances are the photo gods will snicker at you and ensure that not only will you have all of these in the resulting shot - but other things you never even knew you had. So now, I turn at an angle to the camera (not in a Mariah Carey way, that's obsessive) and smile like the camera's my friend. And you know what? The photos don't look half bad. They look like me, and isn't that the point?


  1. Ok so don't laugh but I used to compete in beauty pageants (think Miss America Pageant type pageants) and you learn a ton of tricks for the camera. Like if you touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, especially if you have to endure a very long session of photo taking, it relaxes your cheek and mouth muscles, making your smile more natural. And that after every few shots, you should look away from the camera and then back again and it will make the picture's that much easier to deal with. Turning your face to the correct angle and lifting your chin slightly helps. Smiling with yor teeth slightly parted usually looks more natural- all of this insanity I learned during the three years I competed. Funny thing is that it really does help, even if you've put on weight or whatever- it still helps you look like you throughout the years.

  2. Great tips - especially the one about looking away. My husband had the habit of holding the camera then saying "ready? (so then you'd smile) Okay, one... two... three... (pause for another 10 seconds) then click. No wonder smiles turn into grimaces during this time. Now he knows, point, click shoot!


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