Friday, September 26, 2008

purple rein

My wisteria is completely in bloom at the moment and I'm besotted with it. When combined with the lavender hedges, the Indigo spires, and the pale pink roses my front garden is looking picture perfect...


  1. I used to have a wisteria on my front veranda but it died. I thought they were tough! I really miss it , not only for the lovely flowers but in autumn , the gold coin like leaves . Yours looks lovely and with the lavenders - delish!
    So - we now have a climbing rose called Crepescule and its lovely too . So far so good!

  2. Oh, I adore Crepescule - those delicate apricot blooms are enchanting. That was my second choice if the wisteria didn't take - or ended up eating the veranda!

  3. Is that seriusly the front of your house? It's absolutely darling? My front stoop has a broken jar of salsa and dead leaves currently (long story on the salsa- just happened about an hour ago) and my driveway has refuse from the men installing new gutters and basement windows today. It looks like a junk heap. No, for real.

  4. Thanks love! Yes, that's my house - with it's freshly painted coats of French Grey with Mother's Violets accents. It does make me smile when I walk up to it.

    Don't worry though, backyard is seriously junky (although with a pool shell now!)


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