Monday, September 22, 2008

that's what friends are for

I've been lucky to make some really wonderful friends over the years (balanced out with some dead-crap ones mind). It's got me thinking about what a good friend is. Friends should balance you out, bring out your good side, and help tame the dodgy side. Friends should make you laugh and make you feel fabulous. You should have friends for different occasions: phone friends, cocktail friends, dinner friends, email friends... and the new category, blog friends. I love how I can log onto a blog and get a little insight into what someone's doing and why. It's kind of like how I love wandering the streets at dusk, peering into windows to see what's going on in other worlds - how they've decorated, what they're eating... I know, only slightly peeping Tom.

I most admire my friends who are good at maintaining friendships (yes, I'm talking about you again M!). Thank goodness for email and facebook, otherwise life would zoom past me and before I knew it, it would be years before I caught up with some friends. I also love friends who are good at asking questions and who genuinely seem to care about others. I'm trying to bring that quality out in myself although it goes against my upbringing and being warned not to pry...

I'm going to treat my friends like a delicious sponge cake. Feed them all the right ingredients, carefully nurture them, then dive in and enjoy them. 


  1. Hey! I am on facebook! Add me! I'll treat you like sponge cake too! Douse you in some amaretto, smear some nutella on you, and eat you up! YUM YUM! (Was that gross and gratuitous? SOrry- I'm sleep deprived lol!)

  2. BTW- this is Sara of Chatterbox and Injun- lol. I'm on facebook as Sara Rose Olson-Liebert


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