Monday, September 29, 2008

weather or not

It's obvious now that I suffer from a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Give me a grey old day and my mood will turn a smouldering shade of charcoal. However, on a day like today: brilliant blue skies, verdant green grass, a gardening shimmering with promise, and the perfect level of warmth... well, I'm almost exploding with good cheer. 

I've just been out watering my pool (as you do with curing concrete apparently) and realised that today is one of those, wow kind of days. Walking out the front door one's head is brushed with dozens of sweetly-scented wisteria blooms and everywhere you look the eye is assaulted by plants in ruddy good health. Obviously it's time for my next application of fertiliser - but it's stinky chicken manure's turn, and I've got guests coming for dinner on Thursday night. Guess I'll have to apply, water madly, and hope their noses are too dazzled by the wisteria and murraya blossoms to note the distinctly barnyard aroma...


  1. You think you have SAD? Try a Midwestern winter- snow and slush and mud and hurricane strength winds. Snow is not actually that pretty or enjoyable once you live in it. I despise snow. I want to go back to Arizona and bake myself into skin cancer heaven.

  2. I know, and my version's pretty pathetic really... I know what you mean, I only do snow on a snowboard - for very, very brief periods of time.


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