Friday, November 28, 2008

belle fille

Emilie Simon not only has the most exquisite voice I've heard in some time, her face could launch a thousand sighs. I've just found out she has a new album, which I'm also adding to my christmas wish list. I adore The Flower Book, which includes the most amazing version of Iggy Pop's I Wanna Be Your Dog, plus many glorious french tunes to tickle your eardrums in the most delightful way. So I hope her new album offers half as much promise! PS. I do need an event to wear headgear as pretty as this little number.

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  1. I do need to download some of her tunes. I love Carla Bruni too, ahem, Frances first lady. She is so lovely as a first lady I think. I'm glad she continues her music career despite being a political figure now.


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