Sunday, November 30, 2008

clean queen

My handy hubby fixed my vacuum cleaner yesterday and I'm rather thrilled. While I've been enjoying sweeping, from a purely meditative perspective, I have re-embraced my electronic cleaner. The dust, sand and grit in the house was almost overwhelming thanks to the various gaps in the house that allow it to enter during construction in the backyard, combined with mud and crud being trekked in on the bottom of our feet. However, a few rounds with the vacuum have seen my floors taken to a new level of clean and it's always astonishing how much a clean home can elevate my mood.

My moods are dramatically affected by many things; grey skies, seemingly overwhelming deadlines, tired and cranky children, my dodgy sleep patterns - and also, it seems, by a messy, dirty home. Alternatively blue skies make my mood soar, being organised enough to deal with deadlines makes me very happy, popping a child to bed early so she gets her beauty sleep is a tonic for all in the family, a night only broken by waking three to four times seems like bliss to me, and a clean, tidy home makes my heart sing.

Now when this is combined with the scents of tonight's meal cooking (bbq prawns and chorizo on salad), well, I'll be so giddily happy giggles and smiles will have to ensue.

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  1. God I love to clean. If I can't get my lazy butt to do anything else, at the very least I can run my vaccuum for a bit and my house looks worlds better than before. I have this super powered vac specifically for households with pets and it always surprises me how much pet hair and dander it picks up every time I vacuum (I vac at least 2x a week and brush the cats at minimum that often too). It also works exceedingly well on our hard wood floors. I cleaned a bunch today and am feeling satisfied.


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