Monday, November 24, 2008

food fight

Tough economic times, and a backyard renovation that's escalating in cost every second or so, are making me rethink my shopping budget. In winter it's easy to cook cheap and easy meals - as I do so love slow-cooked cheap cuts. However, in summer I spend most of my time firing up the bbq, and I've yet to work out an alternative to salmon or thick, organic steaks. Stir-fries perhaps? What's your best frugal tip for the food world?


  1. Pastas. Chicken. Chicken is cheapo. I do make a LOT of soups- those are inexpensive to make fresh.

  2. Be strict with the way the plate is divided up. Meat from 6 to 9, salad from 9 to 3, starchy bready potato fun, 3 to 6. Eat slow, let the message that you are full get there before you hair off for seconds. Voila.


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