Monday, November 24, 2008

frugal bugle

I've been having a think, and realised that I already do quite a few thifty things. So I thought I'd share them with you. The nice thing is, that as well as saving you money, they're often earth-friendly tips that help you become a little greener with each step.

1. Once a week have a 'pantry meal' where you buy absolutely nothing new but have to devise a meal out of whatever's in the cupboard, fridge or freezer. This could be a chore, but I like to turn it into a Masterchef Challenge to see what amazing dinners I can create with a few key items.

2. Extend your meat. Regular readers will know that I'm now a carnivore after 20 years as a vegetarian, and as such, can't bear to go a meal without meat. However, I will pad it out a little. Obviously fresh, seasonal veg is a cheap way to do so, but legumes are even better thanks to their high protein quota which helps keep you fuller, longer. Lamb and french lentils are the perfect pairing, but I'll also throw some chickpeas in with a curry, or add red kidney beans to a plate of spicy beef.

3. Switch off. Getting into the habit of turning off lights and non-essential electrical appliances (such as microwaves and DVD players) at the wall, it not only gives you a green glow - it cuts your energy bills by quite a bit too.

4. Halve it. Whenever I wash clothes, dishes or my hair, I halve the recommended size of the washing suds - that way, I only need to buy them half as often!

5. People power. Whenever possible these days I try to walk, rather than drive. The price of petrol is scary and I'd rather expel my own hot air than stinky fumes from my car.


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