Tuesday, November 04, 2008

hop-a-long pink patents

Ouch. I was playing netball last night and caused myself a high-heel aversion injury - yep, I've sprained my ankle. Badly. It's swollen and purply blue, but I hopped my way into the study for a quick update. I'm off to the physio and to get an x-ray later on - it made an awful crunchy sound and then a crack when I fell, which surely isn't a good sign... However, at least my hubby has to pay me back for the months of nursing I undertook when he busted up his knee. 

Thank goodness there's a new channel on Foxtel which screens Northern Exposure - yay! Before Aiden won my heart on SATC, there was Chris in the Morning. Le sigh...


  1. I love Northern Exposure. I would have totally upped sticks to move to Alaska for Chris in the morning.

  2. Poor PPMJ! First: Your ankle. I know exactly how you feel and my heart and fibia go out to you. Second: Chris in the Morning. I became a radio announcer and wore a lot of black skivvies and solid leather boots with no little influence from him. You'd think that somehow this blog was about you wouldn't you? But no.

  3. Ed had a few daydreams today and Chris was dressed as a cowboy... almost made up for my crutches!


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