Saturday, November 22, 2008


At the moment I'm totally crushing on Dior. It all started with the new campaign featuring Marion and has escalated to dizzying heights. Therefore, I had no option but to feature these as my shoe of the week. I know it's late, so late that it actually qualifies as Saturday's Shoe, but I adore its simplicity and style. Glossy red toes, with a touch of sparkle, would beg to peep from these. Non?

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  1. Nice. Very nice. It's fun that gold and black are the new chic combo- it keeps making it's return about once a decade or so. So I suppose its not a new combo- but I do like that the gold on these shoes is more of a matte than shine or sparkle- it keeps them understated. I think I would possibly do very pale toes or something out of the box- red is sexy but expected- maybe a deep burgundy verging on almost purple?


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