Wednesday, November 19, 2008

making me happy today

 Gardenia blooming by my front steps
• Friends popping in for morning tea
• Roses kissed by the rain
• Coffee in a pretty cup
• Ham and cheese toasted sandwiches
• Sheets swirling in the washing machine
• Fence posts ready to go in the ground - to create a nice high fence to hide the neighbour's house
• Giggling over funny bits on the Rachel Zoe Project (new obsession - and a serious one)
• Tom Ford's sexay perfume
• Tiles being laid in my pool, hinting at the icy blue water soon to follow

1 comment:

  1. Making me happy today:

    -Coffee and donuts
    -Freshly shaved and silky legs
    -Movie date with a girlfriend this afternoon
    -Internet holiday gift shopping
    - Eve insisting that potato chips would be a very good breakfast
    -My kitties asleep beside me in a row- red kitty, grey kitty, brown kitty
    -My hubby reading pregnancy books furtively and asking funny questions


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