Monday, November 10, 2008

manic monday

Oooh, some days are tough. Today's one. It's a monday, I had a touch too much champagne at a friend's house yesterday, the builders have come in today and have pulled down and are rebuilding the walls the bricklayers spent two days working on last week and blogger won't let me comment on my own blog. Rude!

Luckily, hangovers pass (especially when bacon's involved...), there are a half a dozen blokes out the backyard doing what one guy spent two days doing (poorly apparently) and I can state in my blog - "Yes Sara, I must borrow Big Fish on DVD as it was one of my favourite books - and if Marion Cotillard is in it it's now a must-see. And hey, is Ewan McGregor in that - or is that my hangover/fantasy self talking???" Obviously I can't change the fact it's a monday, and I can't drive for another two weeks or so, but I can put a positive spin on it. So here it is

Making Monday a Fun Day
Today I'm thankful...
That I don't have a plaster cast on my ankle
That I have lovely, utterly divine friends who care for me
That I have a husband I still love to bits and pieces
That I've been blessed with a very special daughter
That I have a roof over my head - and a very nice one at that
That I have fabulous readers who share so much with me
That I discovered a divine, cheap, French sparkling wine (Veuve Amiot... and you can always just say, "Would you like a glass of Veuve darling?")

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Well, why, yes Ewan McGregor is in Big Fish. The movie is somewhat different than the book but still lovely in its own right. Like I said, Marion has a small part but her screen time is totally delightful.

    I would enjoy some sparkling wine on this Manic Monday but there may be reasons why I'm not going to be drinking . . . . for roughly 9 months or so. I'll imbibe in my fantasies! Do you like sparkling reds? Like Lambrusco? It's a simply phenomenal fruity red that sparkles and it's also fairly affordable.

    I believe I am going to be making lamb for thanksgiving- any ideas on marinades for me? Tonight I may make salmon and asparagus risotto or perhaps roast and squash, I'm nlt sure yet. Things I am grateful for this Monday:
    -My cuddly kitties
    -My poor sick husband who still willingly makes me peanut butter toast and coffee this am
    -My daughter adapting well to her new preschool- I did raise a social butterfly!
    -Moving to our new apartment in a week despite having to pack and move, ugh
    -My last few days of our fireplace in this house
    -Miracles that will most likely be due around my birthday next summer
    -My puppies sleeping peacefully next to each other
    -My pretty new nail polish on my toes- OPI's Bogota Blackberry

  2. Oh Sara, I have my fingers and toes crossed for you! Let me know when any good news is official!! Good luck with the move, and I'm so pleased Eva's adapting well to her new school.

    I'll have a think about marinades for your thanksgiving lamb - yum! I was watching an episode of Nigella the other day and she had a middle eastern spice mix which included dried rose petals. I swore I'm remember the name, but have forgotten it. She used it to cover her lamb and it was so pretty and would smell lush. I'll let you know when I find it.

    I'm also loving the sound of those toenails!


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