Thursday, November 06, 2008

my achy-breaky ankle

Amazingly, I managed to get through 41 years - a lot of them sport-playing - without breaking a bone... until Monday night. Now I have a broken ankle, a broken right ankle, which means a lot of things. No driving, no real walking, no cleaning - and no HEELS!!! So not happy Jan. 

Thank goodness for a wide range of nail polish colours and a hubby who's going to be doing daily pedicures to keep me entertained. I'm already over Foxtel (aside from the aforementioned Northern Exposure - although it's been almost illegally light on Chris in the Morning sightings so far. Although when he's on.... sighhhhhh)

At least it gave me a chance to check out the US election coverage - and whoop in delight at the presidential result! I'll always have the answer close to mind when I'm asked "Where were you when you heard..." - laying on my couch! 

Off to pout and frown, in no particular order, they're just my standard facial expressions at the moment. Will be diving face-first into a vat of botox by the time I'm healed.


  1. There must be some kind of wierdo phenomenon going on because seriously, I know four different people now, including yourself, that have broken or sprained their ankles. Maybe I should write a horror-thriller flick about this?

    As for the whole not wanting to ask for help, it's probably just some whole not wanting to be a burden to others thing that most women naturally feel regularly. Know that this is a temporary state, its not like you are forever begging everyone you know for favors, swallow the pride and just say you need help. People get less annoyed by that than they do by some dippy bumbling around taking forever when they could have asked for help- lol.

    Feel better!


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