Tuesday, November 18, 2008

oh my

I do believe I'll be adding the December issue of British Vogue to my wishlist. While I'm not a fan of Kate Moss (call me a prude but I do believe that the only white powder a mother should use is talc) I do so adore Dior, tulle, cream and black, Karl, disco glam and ooh, the Tim Burton + Helena Bonham Carter shoot? Goodness gracious me. 


  1. That is a beautiful cover, quite honestly. Really lovely. One thing I aspire to when I finally make real money is to buy my first real Chanel purse, because I do love Mr. Largerfeld- I have his autobiography even. Be glad you don't live in America- right now Nicole Kidman is on the cover of about ten different fashion magazines- on her cover of the Glamour mag she looks a bit pretty actually until you look at it really closely and realize it's a lot of lighting and camera tricks and airbrushing, sigh. I don't understand the sudden obsession with her- once she became a plastic she turned into the worlds worst actress, sigh.

  2. Isn't it divine! I also need a Chanel purse one day. Sigh. And don't worry, Ms Plastic Face is on the cover of virtually everything in Australia at the moment thanks to the movie of the same name. Erk.

    How are you feeling btw?


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