Monday, November 24, 2008

salt and pepper

I'm a huge fan of salt - particularly Maldon, Murray River Pink Salt and the pretty grey french salt. And peppercorns, oh I adore them, couldn't make a meal without them. However, in my hair? Not so appealing. 

I've been dying my hair a glossy raven hue for more than half my life, but it's really starting to fight back now with the white hairs outnumbering the brunette, oh, by about a million to one. I'm sitting here now with my head fill of dye, showercap on, hoping the builders don't decide to wander past my study window and peek in - cos it's not pretty.

Touching up the regrowth every three weeks is an ideal I never attain, but what are my options? I've already stated that I'm only embracing the platinum on my 60th birthday - and I can't go lighter - can I? I love chocolate locks on others, and I'm sure it'd make the greys less Bride of Frankenstein obvious (hey, shouldn't that be Bride of Frankenstein's monster...) but I'm still a fan of being back in black. 


  1. It's REALLY HARD to get black out of hair. It takes a lot of processing and chemical stripping, just so that someone can go lighter. So, I suggest if you eventually want to go platinum or if you'd like to try a new color, you may have to cut a lot of length off to either grow the black out or safely strip it out. It will take a bit of moola, a LOT of deep conditioning, and patience. Just what I know about hair coloring.

  2. Oh I can imagine - and I do know. way back when I had purple streaks in my hair and after three hours bleaching the area to be streaked (for a more brilliant violet) the best they could attain was a dull orange. It's not going to be pretty, so maybe I'll just spend my 59th year wearing a wide variety of headscarves to hide the process!


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