Friday, November 21, 2008

try hards

Yesterday I went with my daughter's class on an interesting excursion. She's in year 3, so it was a class of eight and nine year olds, and they went on a bus down to Sydney to Centrepoint Tower for a trip through the kitchens and coldrooms before heading to the restaurant for a buffet meal. The kids were rather interested in the massive pots of bones and vegies used for making stock and sauces, and by the sheer size of the vat used for boiling up the ravioli. I was curious to see how adventurous these children would be when confronted by a range of foods, and being allowed to pick and choose.

I'd expected that there'd be some adventurous eaters, but I guess that when you point out the chicken nuggets and fries, that's what most kids will load their bowls with. I must say I was impressed with my gal, who tried the salad leaves, a few king prawns, ravioli, spring rolls and a singapore noodle dish with glee. She also loaded up on some lovely rare roast beef and tried the kangaroo too. Obviously my adventurous eating's rubbing off on her!

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  1. Eva is at the phase right now where it's her demanding her fave three foods in alternating combos of demanding to eat off our plates because she's bored with her own foods. Sometimes she's great about trying new foods and other times she would rather throw it at the wall. C'est la vie.


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