Tuesday, January 06, 2009

acting out

From today I'm implementing a plan. I got up early and did a HUGE supermarket shop with ingredients for five different meals. Now, the plan is, that I'll cook those meals, using that exact food, and will only need to visit the butcher in a few days time for fresh meat stocks. Oh, and the fruit and veg store too. My intention is not to visit the supermarket for another full week - at least.

In the past, this hasn't worked. Mainly because I tend to cook to taste. I'll be in the mood for, say, lamb, and must-have lamb that night. My tastes are fickle, and variable, so hopefully I've got enough variety in my meal plan to last the week. There's sirloin steaks with bernaise sauce, home made oven-baked frites and a spinach and baby beet salad, chicken pad thai, organic beef burgers on buns with salad, haloumi and pancetta risotto and grown up mac and cheese (that's the new recipe I'm trying - with blue cheese, chorizo and roasted capsicum!)

I also stocked up on our new fave - mountain bread - the world's thinnest and most delish wraps. Our gal loves them rolled up with peanut butter or avocado, while we have them with salad and ham. They're so light they're barely there, but still fulfill that need for bread. Oh, and they make amazing pizza too.

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  1. My tastes are rather fickle too. Indeed, I'm just a fickle girl. But your recipes for the week sound divine- time for me to take a trip to get some of your home cooking!

    Remind me to send you a recipe for my mom and I's homemade mac n cheese- you'll pass out in delight.


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